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Graphic Design and CopywritingAt Compass Direct we offer a vast array of graphic design services. We pride ourselves on supplying our clients with distinctive, highly creative print ad designs without the expense associated with larger agencies and graphic design boutiques. And our team of expert graphic designers have marketing degrees as well, so you can be sure your pieces will not only look great, but they'll know how to perform in the marketplace!

Our "hands-on" approach to design means that you don't have to go through layers of management to get the job done. At Compass Direct you communicate directly with our dynamic graphic design staff, guaranteeing superior service with lightning-fast turnaround.

Copywriting Services

"Et tu, Brute?" There's no doubt William Shakespeare was a great writer, but how do you think he's fair in today's copywriting word of over hyped buzz words and slogans? Ask one of our writers! Skilled in modern "response copy" tactics, our copywriters also have English degrees from accredited universities, and know how to entice a prospect to respond.

When readers look at your ad, what do they see first?

Creative Graphic DesignYour advertisement should lead with its strongest element... a headline that states the primary benefit to the recipient followed by an offer that slaps you in the face. Sometimes the visual may be secondary to the headline or offer. Be sure to use a humanized image to tell your story when possible, and don't cloud the offer. Our designers will help arrange the elements of your advertisement, top to bottom, left to right, making sure your message gets noticed and produces a response.

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