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E-mail Marketing SolutionsNo matter what size your organization, you can rely on Compass Direct to help you create and track email marketing campaigns that build lasting relationships with your customers or prospects. And we'll earn your trust with industry-leading service, support and expert personal coaching as you embrace one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available to marketers today.

E-mail Mailing Lists: We ensure all of our email mailing lists are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant and are opt-in from reputable sources, so you can feel confident about the integrity of the email addresses you'll receive.

E-mail Delivery Tools: Assisted by new robust e-mail marketing platforms and on-demand technologies that enable triggered communications using dynamic content, you can now deliver individualized, relevant communication to each of your customers and prospects. What's more, e-mail marketing solutions can be used as part of a multi-touch communications strategy allowing you to deliver messages over a variety of marketing channels based on customer preference and strategy.

Want to send e-mails yourself? Take a FREE trial!

  • We offer all our customers the ability to use our state of the art email deliverability system free of charge.
  • Plus, you can use all our professionaly designed templates, images, and pre-packaged campaigns.
  • Additionally, you can send your customers surveys, live online pools, newsletters, and triggered reminders (to remind them when it's time to re-order) all free of charge.

Want us to send e-mails for you? Give us a call!

  • Step One: Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable email marketing associates to acquire or deliver your targeted email database.
  • Step Two: Our graphic design professionals will guide you through the design process and send you a test HTML and Text email to make sure it meets your standards.
  • Step Three: We'll broadcast your message to the selected audience and help you track and measure your return on investment with our easy to use analytics tools.

We offer an additional suite of e-mail marketing services, including:

  • Creative services - our team of experts will help you craft a winning database and message for your email marketing campaign.
  • Customer appends - Want to send an e-blast to all your loyal customers but don't have their email addresses? We've got you covered, and can append email addresses to ANY database.
  • E-mail Leads and Marketing Solutions
  • The SPAM Slam - We analyze your email message and identify anything that would alert a SPAM filter to block your message, ensuring your emails make it to the inbox, not the junk folder. This is an invaluable tool in your direct email marketing efforts!
  • Response Analytics - we offer all our customers the ability to view all response activity in real time, as well as track the clicks all the way to conversion. Tracking your return on investment has never been easier.

We offer all of our customers exclusivity in the markets they operate in, so you can rest assured you'll be the only one in your niche using these leads to generate unrivaled revenue for your business!

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