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The Customer Analyzer helps you find MORE of your best customers!

Behavioral Targeting

We append over 500 variables to your customer list to build a perfect profile of your ideal customer, and use that profile to find more customers for your business.

Don't want to risk your valuable marketing dollars testing a market you don't know will respond? Then our customer analyzer is for you! Through the use of predictive modeling, our software and solutions can help you target the best customers that are most likely to respond to your marketing campaign by looking at what attributes makes your greatest customers so great. Agencies, list sellers, and corporate marketing departments can apply the benefits of improved prospect targeting to every project to build revenue, create customer loyalty, and deliver more consistent return on investments programs.

What Customer Analyzer can do for you:

  • Segment and analyze your list of customers by over 500 different variables and draw commonalities between the most similar traits.
  • Paint a detailed and descriptive portrait of your customers in over 500 ways.
  • Allows you to see who your best (and worst) customers really are, showing you who to target…and who to avoid. This is behavioral targeting at its finest!
  • Identify valuable lifestyle characteristics shared by your best customers throughout the 500+ different variables, allowing you to look under the hood of a simultaneous multi-segmentation data analysis without the hidden algorithms or sticky cluster grouping (think PRIZM on steroids).

Find more of your Best Customers

Customer Segmentation and Analysis

Once your ideal customers descriptive portrait is finished, we can match the 500 variables that describe your customer to the rest of the world, and find more prospects that fit the model of your perfect customer EXACTLY. This allows you to streamline your marketing by only targeting those with the highest propensity to respond to your offer and remain a customer.

Here's how it works:

  • Step One: Send us your customer file.
  • Step Two: We append over 500 variables to each of your customers and produce reports detailing the most in depth profile of your best customers, including which traits are most common, and how your customers compare with the rest of the US on common variables.
  • Step Three: Using our unique predictive modeling software, we match the profile of your "perfect prospects" (based on the results of the report) to a county, city, or state of your choice, allowing you to go out and find MORE prospect that fit your best customers profile.

We offer all of our customers exclusivity in the markets they operate in, so you can rest assured you'll be the only one in your niche using these leads to generate unrivaled revenue for your business!

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