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Not only do we have the most up-to-date consumer sales Consumer Sales Leads and Mailing Lists leads and direct mailing lists available today, we'll meet or beat ANY competitor's price! Over 215 Million consumers with up to 800 different selects, guaranteed to be accurate and updated every 24 hours from over 5,000 sources. This information is invaluable to your direct marketing & lead generation efforts!

New Customer Acquisition made Easy

One of the easiest ways to increase your bottom line is to market to new prospects with high lifetime value potential. The Compass Direct Consumer Database is a comprehensive, multi-sourced consumer list designed to help you accurately and efficiently target new prospects.

  • Increase customer acquisition.
  • Improve your direct mail targeting .
  • Market to niche segments using unique direct mailing lists.
  • Reduce direct mail costs—fewest duplicates and best-known addresses out there!

The Right Marketing Tool for Your Company

  • Provides the highest-quality, multi-verified sales leads for your direct marketing campaign.
  • Ensures the freshest data and reliability with quarterly verification and direct mail testing.
  • Offers coverage of 111 million households and 220 million individuals, nationwide.
  • Enables you to target your prospects more precisely with hundreds of household-level selects.
  • Delivers fast turnaround time and superior customer service.
  • A few of the filters our consumer database include:

    Dwelling Type
    Marital Status
    Net worth Ranking
    Presence of Pool
    Number of Bathrooms
    Number of Adults
    Potential Investors
    Home Business
    Presence of Young Adult
    Credit Statistics
    Household Income
    Home Value
    Total Property Value
    Number of Credit Cards
    Number of Units
    Main Building Material
    Number of Children
    Business Owners
    Person Type
    PC Owner
    Technology Enthusiasts
    Many Property Characteristics
    Presence of Kids
    Age of Children
    Land Value
    Mail Order Recency
    Mail Order History
    Number of Bedrooms
    Length of Residence
    Number of Persons
    Census Values
    Presence of Elderly Adult
    Property Sq. Ft.
    Late Payments

    ...this is just a short list of selections. We have MANY, MANY more!

    We offer all of our customers exclusivity in the markets they operate in, so you can rest assured you'll be the only one in your market using these new parent leads to generate unrivaled revenue for your business!

    Start Building Your List

    Start building your custom consumer list and receive a free customized analysis of leads in your area, complete with our prices in writing and our guarantees of data accuracy and deliverability. No pressure, no hype, no kidding.

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